The coating already begins with its substrate. As a company with its roots in practice, WREDE Consulting thus already exactly monitors and documents the construction of the shell.

All factors reducing the quality are excluded before the start of the coating process. For example, all edges must be carefully broken and protruding and poor quality weld seams have to be removed or reworked. WREDE Consulting checks roughness depth as a result of the blasting as well as the surfaces for contamination such as fats or salts.

The optimal time for applying the coating is finally chosen when specific values for humidity and temperature are reached. WREDE Consulting uses for this the computer supported climatic monitor to obtain a continuous status of the project.

WREDE climatic monitor

  • Supervision of climatic data for the coating
  • Various measuring points distributed over the ship
  • Transmission of data to a central computer
  • Assessment and documentation by WREDE software
  • Determining exactly the right time for applying the coating

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