New Builds

Building new megayachts places high demands on project management, as it is necessary to coordinate all the crafts that are often simultaneously involved in the construction process. A profound knowledge of state-of-the-art materials, production techniques and construction methods is therefore essential.


  • We assume responsibility for the supervision and quality assessment; we design acceptance procedures and check contractual obligations to ensure a smooth construction process.
  • Computer-aided mock-up tests and documentation ensure that the project conforms with the contract.
  • 3D-scanning produces a precise comparison between port and starboard sides, enabling a symmetrical distribution of filler and improved trim.
  • Use of modern composite materials bonded with existing aluminium or steel structures helps to prevent weight problems, while an exact knowledge of the materials involved makes it possible to create sufficient bonding.
  • Regular attendance by our experts provides valuable insights into actual work procedures, enabling us to spot potential issues early in the process and design ways and means to prevent large-scale re-work and hold-ups.
  • Computer-aided documentation makes it possible to keep track of all the construction stages.