The careful choice of materials for all work affecting the coating decides already in advance on the quality of a surface.

WREDE Consulting cooperates closely with the various manufacturers and proposes specific paint and filler systems individually for each vessel according to its construction and the area of operation, as well as the requirements of the owner and the shipyard.

These include determining the substrate, as well as the right selection of blasting media and blasting method and corrosion protection. When choosing the paint system, WREDE Consulting focuses on the perfect combination of primers, fillers and top coats.


With test procedures simulating the special requirements of a coating in practice, WREDE Consulting scrutinises materials for their aptitude in the specificarea of deployment. these quality inspections are highly regarded in the sector, particularly for fillers from various manufacturers. Detachment or cracks of the coating could thus already be avoided with the right material selection for numerous new buildings.

»We are experienced with all products, substrates and outfitting operations«