Refit / Repair

Detailed planning has become an absolute necessity when refitting ever larger and technically more complex yachts. Together with the owner, we provide and check the specification, formulate the performance description and invite tenders for the project. We oversee the entire refit process, right up to acceptance and inspection of possible warranty claims.


  • We assume responsibility for supervision and quality assessment; we design acceptance procedures and check contractual obligations to ensure a smooth construction process.
  • Engineering a seamless workflow between all crafts involved helps us ensure that work is on schedule and costs are kept in check.
  • Regular attendance by our experts provides valuable insights into actual work procedures, enabling us to spot potential issues early in the process, and design ways and means to prevent large-scale re-work and hold-ups.
  • Using state-of-the-art measuring instruments, we can provide objective data on the quality of the surface finish with our Wrede 10 Point Program (W10PP).
  • We have developed our Wrede Aging Package (WAP) which measures and documents the status quo of the paintworks at the time of delivery, with a view to assisting with possible warranty issues.