Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Together with the German specialists in non destructive testing, brooke-edwards NDT, Wrede Consulting has successfully developed a method for examining the coating on a yacht for damage and delamination, without disturbing the surface in any way.

Through the use of ultrasound and a software program three-dimensional pictures will be produced digitally which will identify beyond all doubt any delamination, inclusions or cavities.

Almost every type of problem, from spalling to inadequately applied surface primer or fine filler will be able to be detected without any disturbance to the surface.

In this way repairs and refits of a yacht‘s outer protective layer will be significantly more accurate, effective and cheaper than previously imagined.

Wrede Consulting and brooke- edwards ndt are the first companies in the world to jointly offer the process for widespread use on superyachts.


  • no more extensive removal of the filler (trial and error)
  • significant lower repair costs
  • costs will be able to be predicted/estimated before the work begins