Wrede 3D Scan

Yacht shells can deviate considerably from the drawing dimensions due to welding distortion, inexact shoring elements and temperature fluctuations.

WREDE Consulting is the only company to offer with the 3D Scan a precise determination of the actual dimensions during the construction phase and after completion of the shell. Deviations between CAD and status thus become apparent, enabling the builders to make specific structural corrections before the completion of the steel and welding work.

The 3D Scan makes it possible to carry out a precise analysis of surfaces before coating. Together with suppliers, material deployment is optimised with respect to layer thicknesses and material selection.

Already during the shell construction and before coating, smoother steel surfaces can be realised, which means less filler, optimised weight and lower costs.


  • Determining the ideal filler thickness
  • Possibility of carrying out exact checking
  • Basis for supervision of subcontractors
  • Comparison of CAD with status
  • Exact analysis even without drawings or models
  • Production of design drawings for fitted parts in hull and superstructure
  • Creation of 3D models for older vessels
  • Checking of sections and components before assembly

»We ensure that vessels are built as close as possible to their intended design«