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6 WREDE MAINTENANCE TRAINING - Familiarising with various coatings - Handling a yacht: polishing, masking, cyclical turning of the ship - Use of correct cleaning aids - Handling cleaners on various undercoats - Handling fenders, lines, cushions or hose pipes - Training of management crew to provide effective checking Surface damage caused by the crew can damage yachts irreparably. The risky aspect is that damage frequently becomes noticeable only after some time – and then in most cases cannot be rectified. Proper cleaning is a highly qualified activity, but its importance is greatly underestimated. It cannot be left to a deck hand who has just been instructed. Frequently corners and edges of a yacht are overly stressed, for example as a result of careless cleaning or hose pipes. Highly abrasive cleaning agents may also be used or sensitive areas may be damaged with aggressive cleaning agents. WREDE Consulting offers crews special training courses to prepare them for their work on yachts. These explain the correct use of cleaners and chemicals and how to handle brushes and fenders properly. 2 31 4 5