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DocMarine is a server-based documentation management software for yacht coatings. This documentation covers all data of the Coating Technical File (CTF) as required by the IMO. The Coating Technical File must be kept completely and in updated status on board the vessel. After the newbuilding, it is constantly updated with every maintenance or repair job or a product change with a later new coating. DocMarine compiles this data for the entire life of a ship centrally and makes it permanently available via the internet. The program administers and formats all documents connected with the coating as virtual archiving service. DocMarine simplifies and streamlines the information management and organisation of the administration and at the same time guarantees compliance with the valid standards. SCOPE OF DOCMARINE - Coating systems - Coating processes - Surface preparation and applications - Coating plans and maker’s specifications - Compliance with international regulations (PSPC of the IMO) - Compliance with international standards (ISO) - Maintenance work - Repairs and system changes 8762 31 4 5 9