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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 HOTLINE WREDE CLIMATIC MONITORING ̽ &ROOHFWLQJGDWDIURPYDULRXVVWUDWHJLFPHDVXULQJSRLQWV RQWKH\DFKW ̽ 7UDQVPLVVLRQRIFROOHFWHGGDWDWRDFHQWUDOFRPSXWHU ̽ $VVHVVPHQWDQGGRFXPHQWDWLRQE\:UHGHVRIWZDUH ̽ 'HWHUPLQLQJWKHFRUUHFWWLPHZLQGRZIRUDSSOLFDWLRQ WHY WREDE CONSULTING? ̽ We make every effort to continually monitor contractual compliance onboard ̽ :HVXSSOHPHQWWKHUHͤWZLWKLQGLYLGXDOO\WKRXJKWWKURXJK solutions, where tried-and-trusted techniques have failed ̽ We ensure that the results of the monitoring flow back into the work process WHAT WE DO ̽ Supervision of steel dressing and coating steps ̽ Consistent monitoring of works, schedule and materials flow ̽ Constant checking to ensure correct climatic conditions 123456789 HOTLINE