WREDE Aging Package (WAP)

After delivery, the warranty period begins and the coated surfaces start to age. WREDE Consulting offers its aging Package (WAP) for objectively recording changes and damage. Afterwards, specific repairs can be initiated.

The annual variancy analyses take as reference the quality that is measured and documented at the time of delivery. With elements of the WREDE 10 Point Program (W10PP), a check is made of which values are reached after one or two years.

Typical changes can, for example, occur with the gloss or paint structure. In addition, the surface of the vessel is inspected for dents caused by operation, bimetal effects in the filler area or also cracks. Occasionally sanding marks become visible or solvents rise up as a result of the subsequent hardening of filler and alter the lacquer.


  • Specification of what flaws or damage have occurred and where
  • Determining or asserting warranty issues between owner, shipyard, applicator, paint manufacturers and insurance company
  • Drawing up and specification of work instructions
  • Commissioning repair
  • Construction supervision

»We monitor the vessel and can determine wear and tear of different areas and can provide documentation for warranty issues«