If you are planning a refit, experiencing a coatings issue, or drawing up the specification for a new project then you can be certain that we have the depth of knowledge and experience to perfectly tailor the optimal solution to your needs. 

Our team has an unrivalled depth of experience drawn from many decades within the industry.

Which typical types of surveys do we offer?

  • Pre purchase Survey
  • Warranty Survey
  • Status Survey
  • Tank Survey
  • Tender Survey
  • Insurance Survey
  • Damage Survey

Surveys are individually undertaken and matched to your requirements.


A WREDE survey provides a reference point for the quality of the coatings or work completed at a given point, be that prior to a refit or at key progress stages through the course of a new build or refit project. 

In this way we can monitor and confirm that the agreed specifications are being adhered to and if not then we can act as a positive advocate on your behalf to ensure that errors are documented and rectified. 

Our expertise allows us to anticipate many problems before they can become significant problems and so saves you time and expense; giving you added confidence and peace of mind.

Ideally, we will have early involvement in a project from planning to completion to ensure that specifications are:

  • Adequate and achievable
  • Agreed and understood by all parties
  • Adhered to and completed 

We offer a range of, industry leading, objective, measurement protocols to document the finished result at completion in order to be certain that warranty standards are met and then re-measurable against this baseline prior to the expiration of the warranty period.

How Wrede Surveys benefit you?

  • Cost savings – we can ensure that you are not paying for sub-standard work or billed high T&M charges for emergent work that could and should have been anticipated and budgeted for at contract negotiation.
  • Our reporting and measurement documentation is concise yet precise and perfectly supports your case in the unlikely event of claims or disputes.

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