We make sure you that the quality you have requested is met

Have you been alerted to a defect or damage on your superyacht? Do you need a professional assessment of the problem and the best remedial strategies? Or is your yacht simply due for a major refit and you wish to establish a comprehensive scope of works? With our newest and enhanced technology, we can provide a clear report in all stages.

Which types of surveys do we offer?

  • Tender Survey
  • Warranty Survey
  • Status Survey
  • Tank Coating Survey

All surveys are individually undertaken and can be carried out at any time.


The surveys provide a full overview of the quality of the refit as well as the actual state. We ensure that the quality you have requested is met. This way, the results and investments pay off. With the tender survey, the scope of work as well as the desired quality will be defined to be agreed on by all parties afterwards. The level of expectations is set and all criteria are is in place.

During the project, we survey and report on a regular basis to ensure all steps are appropriate and correct. With the completion of the refit, we carry out a final survey to check the level of quality.

The warranty survey showcases the quality after 11 months and examines whether the coating performs as agreed on at the beginning.

What are your benefits with the WREDE surveys?

  • Cost saving – we make sure you get the quality you pay for without any additional costs after the completion.
  • Our reports are detailed and can be used for any claims.
  • Warranty for one year after the final survey
  • Guaranteed documented quality.

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