Your steps to a reliable coating of your superyacht


From the Idea to Aftercare
„Building a yacht is about trust – we create an atmosphere of reliability and productivity“

Wrede Consulting offers individual consultancy at all stages of a new build – from the initial concept and includes supervision, documentation, warranty and aftercare process.

Building new superyachts place high demand on project management. It is important to coordinate all the crafts that are often simultaneously involved in the construction process. A profound knowledge of state-of-the-art materials, production techniques, involved personnel expertise and construction methods are therefore essential.

To provide the best possible advice in all areas, we recommend our involvement at the earliest stage of the project. .

With our innovations we provide the newest technology and highest standard on the market

The WREDE 3D SCAN offers a precise determination of actual dimensions during all construction phases. The scan makes it possible to carry out a precise analysis of surfaces before coating. Together with suppliers, material deployment is optimised with respect to layer thicknesses and material selection.

The WREDE 10 Point PROGRAM (W10PP) is unique in the market and has been established by Wrede Consulting. The program includes measuring instruments for surface inspection and provides precise, comparable and reproducible results.

Once the warranty period finished, the WREDE AGING PACKAGE (WAP) records objectively changes and damages to ensure a long lasting quality and quick response to any damages.

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