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87 After 2-8 years of operation, a yacht is due for its first refit. Frequently only the top coat has to be renewed, the protection of the external coating being restored with scratch and shoot. More extensive repairs may become necessary depending on the area of operation, age and maintenance of the ship. After 10-40 years, a complete overhaul is usually required for the first time. WREDE Consulting inspects the vessel and checks the status of the coating system. Parallel to this, any damage is identified and a specification for the repair is compiled. WREDE Consulting formulates an individual refit concept and supports the com- plete refit process, drawing on years of practical experience. PACKAGES FOR REFITS WIP Basic - Pre-inspection with expert opinion - Two inspections during application period - Final inspection with expert opinion WIP XL/XXL as WIP Basic, plus: - Work description and, if required, briefing of applicators - Weekly inspections of 0.5 day (XL)/1 day (XXL) during application period with inspection protocol - Visual inspection after each final top coat application 62 31 4 5