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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 HOTLINE WREDE CONSULTING – REFIT PLANNING ALL OF ONE PIECE WHY WREDE CONSULTING? ̽ We ensure that all parties work successfully as a team ̽ We bring shipyard planning in line with owner’s expecta- tions ̽ :HKDYHDFFHVVWRTXDOLͤHGVSHFLDOLVWVIRUHYHU\VLQJOH problem WHAT WE DO ̽ Discuss your requirements and arrange suitable solutions ̽ Check the call for bids regarding time, content and price ̽ 'LVFXVVDQGGHͤQHFULWHULDDQGVKRZFDVHZRUNSLHFHV (mock-ups, sample plates) 123456789 HOTLINE